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Termites can feed on your house for more than 5 years before showing evidence of their presence.

In the state of Texas termites cause more damage than winds, fire, and earthquakes combined.

Termite colonies can have populations into the millions and eat hundreds of pounds of wood each year

The average cost to repair termite damages on a Texas home is over $10,000.00

Approx. 1 in 13 Texas homes report termite infestations annually

Your Plan of Action

Inspection - A Certified Termite professional from Ardent will arrange a time convenient for you to complete a thorough inspection of your home.

Report - Based on findings, (if any), your Ardent inspector will advise and educate you as to how best protect your investment.

Solution - If termites are found they can be eliminated, if they are not, consider putting a warranty in place or acting preemptively. Regardless of the results it is always best to be sure and have a professional inspection performed annually (a courtesy provided for all our pest control customers).